Three Americas is an educational and action organization that serves as a catalyst to link the people of the Americas through cooperative projects supporting social, environmental and economic justice.

We look forward to a vigorous year of new and continuing programs which will interconnect with and strengthen relationships with other community organizations through work which supports social, environmental and economic justice in the Western Hemisphere.

Three Americas is funded through sale of fairly traded, organic, shade-grown coffee, DVDs, and donations. Donations can be made Saturdays at our coffee booth at the Aptos Farmers’ Market, Cabrillo College, or here on our website.

Featured Projects

Pastors for Peace Santa Cruz Cuba Caravan Support

Each year Pastors for Peace organizes a caravan to cross the border into Mexico without a permit for the humanitarian aid that has been gathered from all parts of the U.S. for schools, hospitals and other public institutions in Cuba. TAI has provided financial scholarships and personal connections for California students wishing to participate.

Speakers Provided

TAI provides speakers for high school and higher education classes. Some of our past speakers include:

  • Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan Author
  • Simon Sedillo, Community Rights Defense Organizer, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Tanya Markos, Servicos International Para Paz

Support for Cultural Events

TAI has a long history of helping to bring speakers, poets, musicians and other representatives of Western Hemisphere culture who wish to perform in Santa Cruz.

Paul Baker: Paul’s ‘Ode to Starbucks’ inspires laughter and listeners’ own creativity, while the passionate beauty of flamenco guitar, US/Latin American songs of struggle, and even Scottish traditional ballads moves people to take action for justice.